Jhon J Gonzàlez

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The circum-Antarctic Southern Ocean is an important region for global marine food webs and carbon cycling because of sea-ice formation and its unique plankton ecosystem. However, the mechanisms underlying the installation of this distinct ecosystem and the geological timing of its development remain unknown. Here, we show, on the basis of fossil marine(More)
We report the generation of plasma columns in gas-filled capillary channels using discharge excitation powers that exceed those of previous studies by one to two orders of magnitude. Current pulses up to 200 kA and 10-90 % rise time of about 10 ns (current increase rate equivalent to 1.5 x 10(13) A/s) were utilized to excite plasmas in 3.3 and 4 mm diameter(More)
We present a detailed study of the stellar populations (SPs) and kinematics of the bulge and inner disk regions of eight nearby spiral galaxies (Sa–Sd) based on deep Gemini/GMOS data. The long-slit spectra extend to 1–2 disk scale lengths with S/N/ ˚ A 50. Several different model fitting techniques involving absorption-line indices and full spectrum fitting(More)
The Groth field is one of the sky regions that will be targeted by the OTELO (OSIRIS Tunable Filter Emission Line Object) survey in the optical 820 nm and 920 nm atmospheric windows. This field has been observed by AEGIS (All–wavelength Extended Groth strip International Survey) covering the full spectral range, from X–rays to radio waves. Chandra X–ray(More)
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