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— The purpose of this paper focuses on designing an intelligent, compact, reliable, and robust auxiliary vacuum brake system (VBS) with Kalman filter and self-diagnosis scheme. All of the circuit elements in the designed system are integrated into one programmable system-on-chip (PSoC) with entire computational algorithms implemented by software. In this(More)
As science and technology continue to progress, we are getting used to utilize these new information technologies for the convenience of our daily lives. For example, Google Map and Open Street Map have become very popular and important tools for viewing street maps in recent years. For the purpose of map navigations, the research field of Route(More)
The firmware design is a tough task for university students because firmware combines hardware design and software programming. In this paper, a mixed-signal array IC chip called Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC<sup>&#x00AE;</sup>) from Cypress Semiconductor is employed as a firmware platform for signal processing as well as digital signal processing(More)
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