Jhih-Siang Syu

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p150(glued) is the largest subunit of dynactin protein complex, through which cargo vesicles link to the microtubule minus-end directed motor protein dynein. In addition, p150(glued) also locates in the mother centriole where it organizes the subdistal appendage. The components of appendage are dynamically regulated throughout the cell cycle stages, but it(More)
Trophoblast invasion is an important event in embryo implantation and placental development. During these processes, endocrine gland-derived vascular endothelial growth factor (EG-VEGF) is the key regulator mediating the crosstalk at the feto-maternal interface. The primary cilium is a cellular antenna receiving environmental signals and is crucial for(More)
Leucine-rich repeats and WD repeat domain containing protein 1 (LRWD1) is a testis-specific protein that mainly expressed in the sperm neck where centrosome is located. By using microarray analysis, LRWD1 is identified as a putative gene that involved in spermatogenesis. However, its role in human male germ cell development has not been extensively studied.(More)
The data mining is an essential tool for current age technology. It is very useful for various applications such as business intelligence, computational cloud and other research and science based projects. In this presented paper a new kind of intrusion system design is proposed and their implementation is presented using MATLAB. The proposed attack(More)
The development and differentiation of steroidogenic organs are controlled by Ad4BP/SF-1 (adrenal 4 binding protein/steroidogenic factor 1). Besides, lysosomal activity is required for steroidogenesis and also enables adrenocortical cell to survive during stress. However, the role of lysosomal activity on steroidogenic cell growth is as yet unknown. Here,(More)
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