Jhao-Wun Huang

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Chemical functionalization is a promising route to band gap engineering of graphene. We chemically grafted nitrophenyl groups onto exfoliated single-layer graphene sheets in the form of substrate-supported or free-standing films. Our transport measurements demonstrate that nonsuspended functionalized graphene behaves as a granular metal, with variable range(More)
Nitrophenyl functionalization, in which a fully rehybridized sp 3 carbon atom is created in the lattice, dramatically modifi es the electronic and magnetic structure of graphene, with signifi cantly reduced fi eld effect mobility. [ 18–22 ] Since this type of functionalization scheme introduces resonant scatters [ 23 ] into the graphene lattice, we refer to(More)
We report fabrication and characterization of hexagonal boron nitride (hBN)-encapsulated carbon nanotube (CNT) field effect transistors, which are coupled to electrical leads via zero-dimensional contacts. Device quality is attested by the ohmic contacts and observation of Coulomb blockade with a single periodicity in small bandgap semiconducing nanotubes.(More)
Narrow gaps are formed in suspended single- to few-layer graphene devices using a pulsed electrical breakdown technique. The conductance of the resulting devices can be programmed by the application of voltage pulses, with voltages of 2.5 to ~4.5 V, corresponding to an ON pulse, and ~8 V, corresponding to an OFF pulse. Electron microscope imaging of the(More)
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