Jhansi Lakshmi

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A study was undertaken to know the difference/diversity between pigeonpea and its closely related wild species C. cajanifolius by studying their morphology, crossability, cytology of the hybrid between the two, and molecular studies. Studies revealed that there are at least 5–6 traits that separate the two species such as flower morphology, pod color and(More)
A novel recursive algorithm for estimating the carrier frequency offset (CFO) is presented which is compared against a basic maximum likelihood (ML) algorithm for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) scheme. Cyclic prefix (CP) is used for estimating the offset which enables the estimation without additional sequences. The recursive algorithm(More)
— Students opting engineering as their disciple is increasing rapidly. But due to various factors and inappropriate primary education in India dropout rates are high. Students are unable to excel in core engineering subjects which are complex and mathematical, hence mostly get drop / keep term (kt) in that subject. With the help of data mining techniques we(More)
As the Power Line Communication (PLC) network standard, IEEE 1901 uses OFDM for its uplink and downlink transmissions, the sensitivity of the network to the timing and frequency errors are prominent. The frequency errors are due to the carrier frequency offsets caused by instabilities in local oscillators and ageing effects. A novel recursive algorithm for(More)
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