Jhalak Singhal

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Our previous work has demonstrated the roles played by L-type Voltage Gated Calcium Channels (VGCC) in regulating Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tb) survival and pathogenesis. Here we decipher mechanisms and pathways engaged by the pathogen to regulate VGCC expression in macrophages. We show that M. tb and its antigen Rv3416 use phospho-CREB (pCREB),(More)
We report the enrichment of and immune responses mediated by genes expressed by Mycobacterium tuberculosis inside macrophages as a function of time. Results indicate that M. tuberculosis expresses different genes at different times postinfection. Genes expressed early (day 1) following infection enhance M. tuberculosis-mediated activation of dendritic cells(More)
With rising incidence of acquired drug resistance among life-threatening pathogens, alternative approaches to improve therapy and vaccination have taken center stage. To this end, genome-wide and pathway-specific siRNA libraries are being employed increasingly to identify genes that regulate immune responses against a number of pathogens. In this study(More)
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