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SUMMARY This paper describes a multi-model methodology that implements a smooth and continuous process improvement, depending on the organization's business goals and allowing users to establish their improvement implementation pace. The methodology focuses on basic process components known as 'best practices'. Besides, it covers following the topics:(More)
A fundamental aspect of software product quality is the possibility of measuring. Therefore, measurement applied to the software product and processes has become a need, even in the smallest organizations where agile methodologies are applied. The objective of this paper is to describe a proposal of a hybrid measurement process for the ISO/IEC 15504-ISO/IEC(More)
Software organizations are moving to a process oriented approach to develop its products. Many improvement technologies have emerged as a response in a multimodel environment. The term improvement technology is used to refer in general to the long list of reference models, standards, best practices, regulatory policies and other types of practices that an(More)
Nowadays, software development is done by teams where there are several factors involved in their performance. One of the most important factors is the collaborative work, fundamental skill that every professional should have, especially in the area of software engineering. Based on the above mentioned, the adequate integration of a teamwork influences its(More)
This paper presents the application of a systematic review protocol for Software Engineering. This protocol is used as a formal model by applying systematic review of outsourcing contracts. The objective is to search for papers related to outsourcing contracts in the software acquisition process. Furthermore, the systematic review is focused in order to(More)