Jezabel Curbelo

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We focus on the study of a convection problem in a two-dimensional setup in the presence of the O(2) symmetry. The viscosity in the fluid depends on the temperature as it changes its value abruptly in an interval around a temperature of transition. The influence of the viscosity law on the morphology of the plumes is examined for several parameter settings,(More)
Thermal convection in a rotating cylinder with a radius-to-height aspect ratio of Γ=4 for fluids with large Prandtl number is studied numerically. Centrifugal buoyancy effects are investigated in a regime where the Coriolis force is relatively large and the onset of thermal convection is in the so-called wall modes regime, where pairs of hot and cold(More)
This article proposes spectral numerical methods to solve the time evolution of convection problems with viscosity strongly depending on temperature at infinite Prandtl number. Although we verify the proposed techniques just for viscosities that depend exponentially on temperature, the methods are extensible to other dependence laws. The set-up is a 2D(More)
"The purpose of this study is to determine the future aggregate pressure of demographic factors on housing demand. Both the number and age compositions of Spanish households from 1980 to the year 2010 are projected. To determine the actual net increase of the number of households, the analysis considers both the formation and destruction of households. The(More)
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