Jeyaraj Antony Johnson

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Size effects in heat conduction, which occur when phonon mean free paths (MFPs) are comparable to characteristic lengths, are being extensively explored in many nanoscale systems for energy applications. Knowledge of MFPs is essential to understanding size effects, yet MFPs are largely unknown for most materials. Here, we introduce the first experimental(More)
Transition metal oxides are among the most promising solar materials, whose properties rely on the generation, transport and trapping of charge carriers (electrons and holes). Identifying the latter's dynamics at room temperature requires tools that combine elemental and structural sensitivity, with the atomic scale resolution of time (femtoseconds, fs).(More)
A fine-resolution primitive equation numerical model is constructed for the Iberian continental shelf and slope region, with open boundaries to the north, south and west. The model is forced by climatological wind fields and relaxed at the surface to climatological temperature and salinity fields. A series of numerical experiments is conducted to(More)
Using femtosecond time-resolved hard x-ray diffraction, we investigate the structural dynamics of the orthorhombic distortion in the Fe-pnictide parent compound BaFe2As2. The orthorhombic distortion analyzed by the transient splitting of the (1 0 3) Bragg reflection is suppressed on an initial timescale of 35 ps, which is much slower than the suppression of(More)
This Article contains errors in Figure 1: the coloured axes have been inverted. The correct Figure 1 appears below. As a result, the Figure legend, " recorded at time delays of 100 ps (green squares, left vertical axis) 16 and 1 ps (this work, blue dots, right vertical axis). " should read: " recorded at time delays of 100 ps (green squares, right vertical(More)
Connectivity models for animal movement frequently use resistance surfaces, but rarely incorporate actual movement data and multiple scale drivers of landscape resistance. Using GPS data, we developed a multi-scale model of landscape resistance for tiger (Panthera tigris) dispersal in central India and evaluated the performance, interpretation and(More)
The diet and feeding ecology of 12 cyprinid fishes were studied in the Thalayanai stream of southern India. The diet of Barbodes sarana, Danio aequipinnatus and Rasbora daniconius were specialized in terrestrial and aquatic insects. Hypselobarbus dobsoni and Garra mullya consumed vegetative matter and unicellular algae as their most important dietary(More)
The MIT Faculty has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. ABSTRACT Na I D lines in the spectrum of the young binary KH 15D have been analyzed in detail. We find an excess absorption component that may be attributed to foreground interstellar absorption, and to gas possibly associated with the(More)
Context. Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor (CEMP) stars are known to be the direct witnesses of the nucleosynthesis of the first low-and intermediate-mass stars, because most have been polluted by a now-extinct AGB star. Aims. By considering the various CEMP subclasses separately, we try to derive, from the specific signatures imprinted on the abundances ,(More)
Creep resistant welding alloys must be reliable over long periods of time in severe environments. Their microstructures have to be very stable, both in the wrought and in the welded states. This paper deals with quantitative methods for the design of steel weld metals for elevated temperature applications. A methodology is described for the calculation of(More)
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