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Numerical simulation is increasingly being utilized for computer-aided design of treatment devices, analysis of ablation growth, and clinical treatment planning. Simulation models to date have incorporated electromagnetic wave propagation and heat conduction, but not other relevant physics such as water vaporization and mass transfer. Such physical changes(More)
ABsTrAcT Recently safety of microwave cooked food has come under scrutiny because of recent outbreak and recalls associated with some of these not-ready-to-eat (NRTE) frozen foods. Heating uniformity of these foods is paramount in rendering the foods safe for consumption. Degree of uneven microwave heating is influenced by both microwave oven and(More)
MapReduce algorithm is a scheduling algorithm that can be used to process large amounts of data efficiently. Process scheduling is an application that uses the mapreduce technique. Hyper Cubic Peer-to-Peer Cloud (HPCLOUD) is a structured peer to peer framework implemented on a cloud environment on which mapreduce technique can be applied for process(More)
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