Jeyakesavan Veerasamy

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Path restoration scheme can be used i n augmenting existing telecommunication networks with adequate spare capacity t o achieve a desired level of protect ion against link failures. Path restoration planning corresponds t o the mult i -commodity flow problem, which is computationally hard. In this paper, we present the details of an approximation scheme f o(More)
The asymmetric postman problem is a generalization of the Chinese postman problem in which the edgetraversal costs are asymmetric. The problem is to compute a shortest tour that traverses every edge of a given graph at least once, and it is known to be NPhard. An approximation algorithm with a performance ratio of $ for the asymmetric postman problem is(More)
We analyze a solution to a variant of the Towers of Hanoi problem, in which multiple spare pegs are used to move the disks from the source to the destination peg. We also discuss the interesting relation between the number of disks and the total number of disk moves when the number of spare pegs is a function of number of disks.
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