Jey Veerasamy

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Efficient resource management is a key differentiator in today's competitive wireless industry. While the call blocks due to RF failures can be reduced with better RF planning and optimization, it is essential for the service providers to minimize the resource blocks to maximize the call success rate. Increased resource availability and assured quality of(More)
Paging success rate is one of the important performance metrics used by wireless service providers. It measures the page response acceptance rate when the MSC/VLR believes that the mobile is in the coverage area and pages the mobile to find the terminating mobile party to complete the incoming call. Obviously, the page message has to reach the mobile, and(More)
Cellular fraud is recognized as one of the most significant problems facing the cellular industry today. The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) cites that losses in the United States as a result of cellular fraud aggregated to nearly $1.5 million per day in 1994. Authentication is an effective mechanism to combat this problem. North(More)
Fast call setup has recently been one of the key areas of interest for wireless services. Due to the mobility of the user, the network needs to determine the exact location of the mobile prior to establishing a mobile-terminated call. Traditionally, a network uses paging to determine the exact location of the mobile, and this takes anywhere between 500 ms(More)
Measuring user experience accurately has been a challenge in wireless networks. Perceived customer experience is computed by measurements from the radio access network. This is a flawed approach due to multiple reasons. Mobile's location and the coverage at that location play a major role. This paper details the flaws in the current measurement techniques(More)
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