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Text-line extraction in handwritten documents is an important step for document image understanding, and a number of algorithms have been proposed to address this problem. However, most of them exploit features of specific languages and work only for a given language. In order to overcome this limitation, we develop a language-independent text-line(More)
Segmentation of handwritten document images into text-lines and words is an essential task for optical character recognition. However, since the features of handwritten document are irregular and diverse depending on the person, it is considered a challenging problem. In order to address the problem, we formulate the word segmentation problem as a binary(More)
This paper presents a new scalable coding (SC) algorithm considering the properties of human visual system (HVS), especially the importance of structures and saliencies for visual perception. The proposed method first finds the salient regions in an image and then applies structure preserving filter to the regions excluding the saliencies. This image is(More)
This paper proposes two new intra prediction methods for color image compression, which exploit the correlation between the base and non-base colors. The first method predicts a pixel in non-base color as a weighted sum of neighboring pixels, where the weights are determined as a function of photometric distances from the pixel to the neighboring ones in(More)
The sample by sample DPCM (SbS DPCM) is an important prediction technique for the H.264/AVC lossless intra compression. In this paper, we propose a new prediction method that is more efficient than the conventional SbS DPCM, thereby improving the overall compression performance. The proposed method prepares 5 partition patterns for each 4×4 block(More)
Although video sources for HDTV broadcasting are mainly in HD resolution, some of them are still from low resolution video sources such as videos that are taken long time ago, internet-streamed or cellphone videos. When these sources are displayed on HDTV, they usually appear to be blurry and their color is not vivid. To alleviate these problems, a proper(More)
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