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Objective: Prenatal diagnosis has psychological effects on the pregnant woman. We studied the state of anxiety levels in 332 pregnant women presenting between the 12th and 20th week of gestation before and after prenatal examination with negative and positive prenatal findings. Results: Prenatal examination produced a positive finding in 37 cases (11.1%).(More)
Bikini and Enewetak were the sites in the Northern Marshall Islands that were used by the United States as testing grounds for nuclear devices between 1946 and 1958. The testing produced close-in fallout debris that was contaminated with different radionuclides and which entered the aquatic environment. The contaminated lagoon sediments became a reservoir(More)
Fallout from atmospheric nuclear tests, especially from those conducted at the Pacific Proving Grounds between 1946 and 1958, contaminated areas of the Northern Marshall Islands. A radiological survey at some Northern Marshall Islands was conducted from September through November 1978 to evaluate the extent of residual radioactive contamination. The atolls(More)
Short (days, weeks) and long-term (months, years) non-sheltered field exposures of brass (15, and 20 wt.% Zn) and copper sheet have been conducted in three European cities (Milan, Stockholm, Madrid) to generate an in-depth time-dependent understanding of patina evolution, corrosion rates, aesthetic appearance, metal release and degree of dezincification in(More)
<b>Motivation</b> -- The socio-technical challenges created by Tangible User Interfaces with regards to invasiveness, privacy, visibility, control, etc. have been pointed out by several authors, but this case study focuses on two, more basic socio-technical aspects regarding the user's perspective and interaction with others. The paper presents a case study(More)
OBJECTIVE Besides a medical point of view, prenatal diagnosis also has psychological effects on the pregnant woman. We studied the state of anxiety before and after prenatal examination with unsuspicious and suspicious prenatal findings. MATERIAL AND METHODS In a consecutive sample of 332 pregnant women presenting between the 12th and 21st week of(More)
In this paper, we describe a case study in which we explore the opportunity of gesture tangible interfaces to allow the retrieval of web content. Wi-roni provides audio content (streaming radio and podcasts), and the interface is based on capturing physical gestures as command input and providing sound as a feedback response to these actions. Wi-roni is(More)
This paper presents a research project that aims to improve teaching and learning activities through the use of electronic tools for sharing of knowledge. The project, 3is ("trace"), is in progress at the University of Siena and is devoted to the design of new artefacts for the support of learning and teaching activities. The concepts inspiring the design(More)
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