Jette R. Byberg

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3-Isoxazolols substituted in the 5-position by pyrrolidinyl or piperidyl (referred to, respectively, as PYOLs and PIOLs; see Figure 2 for structures) were designed and synthesized as analogues of the potent and specific GABAA agonist THIP. Activity in the series was markedly dependent upon positional isomerism in the structures. Isomers in which the(More)
Based on the high-resolution X-ray crystallographic structure of phospholipase C from Bacillus cereus, the orientation of the phosphatidylcholine substrate in the active site of the enzyme is proposed. The proposal is based on extensive calculations using the GRID program and molecular mechanics geometry relaxations. The substrate model has been constructed(More)
A molecular modelling and computer graphics study of a series of pyrethroid insecticides has been carried out. The three-dimensional arrangement of the groups essential for the biological activity (pharmacophore) has been identified for the acid and the alcohol moieties, respectively. These pharmacophores are based on the relationship between molecular(More)
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