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BACKGROUND Depression is known to be associated with cardiovascular diseases (CVD). This population-based cohort study aimed to determine the association between depression of varying severity and risk for CVD and to study the effect of concomitant anxious distress on this association. METHODS We utilized data from a longitudinal cohort study of mental(More)
BACKGROUND It is important to identify factors that influence the risk of relapses in inflammatory bowel disease. Few studies have been conducted and with limited methodology. This prospective case-crossover study, aims to examine whether perceived stress has a short-term acute effect, namely whether it acts as a trigger, on the risk of relapse in(More)
AIM we identified clusters of older people with similar health-related behaviours and assessed the association between those clusters and the risk of injurious fall. METHODS we linked self-reported and register-based data on the over-65s from the Stockholm public health cohort (N = 20,212). Groups of people with similar health-related behaviours were(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies investigating factors associated with healthcare utilization by older Ghanaians lack distinction between public and private health services. The present study examined factors associated with public and private healthcare service use, and the resulting perceived health system responsiveness. OBJECTIVES To identify factors(More)
A simple standardized screening test (South Australian Motor Co-ordination Screening Test, SAM Test) was developed to screen for poor co-ordination in 5 year olds. This SAM Test, which can be used by teachers, nurses and doctors, has explicit pass/fail criteria and has classified correctly 90% of children. The McCarthy Motor Scales, which are time consuming(More)
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