Jeter Hall

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Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) are noted for their small size and low-Reynolds number flight regime. Because they have small mass, they are attractive for use in sensing of toxic plumes. This mission requires high aerodynamic efficiency and the ability to be quickly and easily launched. A variable-sweep wing is investigated to meet these goals. Numerical(More)
A pair of scalable models, one utilizing the Surface Potential-based HiSIM-HV 1.0.2 model, and the other, the conventional Vth-based BSIM3v3.24 model, were extracted based on a test vehicle designed with both Drain-Extended CMOS and LDMOS Transistors. All devices were designed with a single fixed channel length but varying drift length and width. The test(More)
Building on technological developments over the last 35 years, intensity interferometry now appears a feasible option by which to achieve diffraction-limited imaging over a square-kilometer synthetic aperture. Upcoming Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope projects will consist of up to 100 telescopes, each with ~100m 2 of light gathering area, and distributed(More)
In the manufacturing industry highly repetitive movement patterns in the work situation are common. This work situation is often the cause of pain in the neck-arm region. To measure these movement patterns a new method has been developed by registering acceleration during ordinary industrial work. Three small accelerometers were fastened horizontally,(More)
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