Jet van Dijk

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The critical volume fractions pertaining to the formation of DNA liquid crystals were obtained from polarization microscopy, 31P-nmr, and phase separation experiments. The DNA length (approximately one to two times the persistence length 50 nm), ionic strength, and counterion variety dependencies are reported. The cholesteric-isotropic transition is(More)
The solution characteristics of beta-LGB (beta-lactoglobulin) and BSA (bovine serum albumin) are reported as determined by size-exclusion chromatography with on-line multiangle laser light scattering, differential refractive index and UV detection. The order of the three in series placed detectors as well as the interdetector volumes have been carefully(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Conformal radiotherapy has only recently been widely implemented. Although not all aspects have yet been adequately proven, it is generally recognized that maintaining a high degree of precision throughout the process is critical to the treatment outcome while the focus for quality assurance and quality improvement will need to(More)
Ethical and legal aspects of biobanking continue to be a topic of concern. The String of Pearls Initiative (PSI) helped establish new norms for biobank governance in The Netherlands. This article gives an overview of issues that emerged from the medical-ethical review processes of PSI. The criteria applied to biobanking projects by Ethical Review Boards(More)
The objective of the dynamic radiotherapy project 'Dynarad' within the European Community has been to compare and grade treatment techniques that are currently applied or being developed at the participating institutions. Cervical cancer was selected as the tumour site on the grounds that the involved organs at risk, mainly the rectum and the bladder, are(More)
Gel permeation chromatography, in conjunction with a double detection system involving a low angle laser light scattering apparatus (LALLS) and a refractive index monitoring device (RI), has been used to obtain both the molecular weight and the molecular weight distribution of sodium salts of kappa-carrageenan and lambda-carrageenan in saline solutions. The(More)
Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) is a rare and deadly childhood malignancy. After 40 years of mostly single-center, often non-randomized trials with variable patient inclusions, there has been no improvement in survival. It is therefore time for international collaboration in DIPG research, to provide new hope for children, parents and medical(More)
We explore the separation of aqueous protein-polysaccharide solutions into two liquid phases. In particular, we have studied the combinations beta-lactoglobulin/pullulan, alpha-lactalbumin/pullulan, and other examples from the literature under a variety of conditions such as varying salt content, pH (in most cases at the isoelectric point), and protein(More)
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