Jesus Viloria

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Three cases of adenocarcinoma of the lung manifesting as acute pericardial effusion with tamponade are presented and the medical literature concerning this unusual manifestation of extracardiac malignancy is reviewed. We have found 22 cases of carcinoma and 4 cases of sarcoma. Of the carcinomas, 14 of 19 (74%) with known primary are pulmonary and 13 of 18(More)
This report describes a paciniomyolipoma as an intradural tumor of the lumbar spinal cord composed of adipose tissue, striated skeletal muscle, and pacinian corpuscles. Simple lipomas, myolipomas, and other variant lipomas of the spinal cord have been described in the literature; to the authors' knowledge, however, this is the first report of this unusual(More)
Unilateral intranasal polypoidal lesions should always arouse suspicion of unusual pathology. A case of an intranasal extension of a pituitary adenoma is presented. Fourteen other cases that have been reported in the literature are summarized and modalities of treatment of this entity are briefly discussed.
Sebaceous cell carcinoma of the parotid gland is a rare lesion. A review of the English literature reveals nine previously reported cases. Two cases are presented in which the tumor was originally diagnosed as mucoepidermoid carcinoma. Aggressive treatment of the recurrence, which was subsequently recognized as sebaceous cell carcinoma has resulted in(More)
In ENU induced rat glioma model, the location of tumor is unpredictable and serial observation of neoplastic changes in a single lesion is not possible. We induced neoplastic transformation of cultured type-I astrocyte (AS-l) by exposure to ENU and observed the morphological changes of them. Since the importance of p53 alteration is stressed in human glial(More)
Malignant fibrous histiocytoma is an unusual musculoskeletal tumour which typically presents in the fifth and sixth decades. Extensive radiographic and laboratory investigations are seldom helpful in diagnosis, although scanning techniques and angiography may assist in determining the extent of the tumour. Wide local excision has been the most common form(More)