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We study problems that arise in the context of covering certain geometric objects (so-called seeds, e.g., points or disks) by a set of other geometric objects (a so-called cover, e.g., a set of disks or homo-thetic triangles). We insist that the interiors of the seeds and the cover elements are pairwise disjoint, but they can touch. We call the contact(More)
Any metric quadrangulation (made by segments of straight line) of a point set in the plane determines a 2-coloration of the set, such that edges of the quadran-gulation can only join points with different colors. In this work we focus in 2-colorations and study whether they admit a quadrangulation or not, and whether, given two quadrangulations of the same(More)
We consider whether any two triangulations of a polygon or a point set on a non-planar surface with a given metric can be transformed into each other by a sequence of edge flips. The answer is negative in general with some remarkable exceptions, such as polygons on the cylinder, and on the flat torus, and certain configurations of points on the cylinder. 1.(More)
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