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Extensive mud volcanism, mud diapirism and carbonate chimneys related to hydrocarbon-rich fluid venting are observed throughout the Spanish^Portuguese margin of the Gulf of Ca ¤diz. All the mud volcanoes and diapirs addressed in this paper lie in the region of olistostrome/accretionary complex units which were emplaced in the Late Miocene in response to(More)
Pyogenic granuloma is a common, benign, acquired, vascular growth of skin and mucous membranes that usually presents as a solitary, rapidly, growing, papule or polyp that bleeds easily after minor trauma. The clinical diagnosis of this lesion is usually straightforward. Moreover, the dermoscopic features associated with pyogenic granulomas have been(More)
The analysis of dune-like morphologies on the Gulf of Cadiz continental shelf, using high-resolution seismic reflection profiles and sediment samples, reveals a well-defined distribution pattern controlled by the area's hydrodynamics. These bedforms are considered to be modern features from the Holocene, and therefore they provide information about the(More)
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