Jesus Martel

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In this paper, we discuss in detail the transmission characteristics of composite right/left-handed transmission lines based on complementary split-rings resonators. Specifically, the necessary conditions to obtain a continuous transition between the left- and right-handed bands (balanced case) are pointed out. It is found that very wide bands can be(More)
This paper is focused on the application of complementary split-ring resonators (CSRRs) to the suppression of the common (even) mode in microstrip differential transmission lines. By periodically and symmetrically etching CSRRs in the ground plane of microstrip differential lines, the common mode can be efficiently suppressed over a wide band whereas the(More)
Floating strip conductors printed on the backside of the substrate are shown to be useful to suppress the spurious transmission band appearing at twice the central frequency of coupled-line microstrip filters. It is shown that proper adjustment of the dimensions of the floating conductors yields equal even and odd electrical lengths. An attractive feature(More)
Parallel coupled microstrip sections with a slotted ground plane are proposed as building blocks of coupled-line microstrip filters with enhanced performance. It is shown that, by proper adjustment of the ground-plane slot dimensions, the double frequency spurious band associated with unequal even/odd electrical lengths can be suppressed or meaningfully(More)
In this paper, it is shown that the application of metamaterial resonators to the design of planar microwave filters provides a high level of miniaturization for such devices. Specifically, split-ring resonator, complementary split-ring resonator, and spiral resonator are used to synthesize microwave filters using the coupling coefficient approach. Some(More)
A novel implementation of stepped-impedance low-pass elliptic filters is presented in this paper. The filters are based on the well-known technique of cascading high- and low-impedance sections to simulate the ladder LC lumped-circuit prototype. We propose in this study a new approach to build up the constitutive circuit elements by taking advantage of the(More)
A simple strategy is proposed to design differential-mode bandpass filters with good common-mode (CM) rejection using simple resonators. Specifically, the CM rejection is enhanced by using conventional open-loop resonators as well as folded stepped-impedance resonators without the addition of printed or lumped elements along the symmetry plane of the filter(More)
A new type of miniaturized stepped impedance resonator (SIR) for bandpass filter applications is proposed in this paper. The new resonator incorporates a ground plane window with a floating conductor in the backside of the substrate. The ground plane window increase the characteristic impedance of the lines used to implement the inductive region of the(More)
A newmultilayer differential transmission line for common-mode suppression fabricated using an organic liquid crystal polymer multilayer substrate is proposed and analysed. The structure consists of a pair of parallel strip lines printed on the top layer of the substrate that are capacitively coupled to conductor patches periodically etched in an(More)