Jesus Garcia

2Adriana Salazar
2Ana Sandoval
2Stefan H Gerber
2Juan Armendariz-Borunda
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C2 domains are widespread Ca2+-binding modules. The active zone protein Piccolo (also known as Aczonin) contains an unusual C2A domain that exhibits a low affinity for Ca2+, a Ca2+-induced conformational change and Ca2+-dependent dimerization. We show here that removal of a nine-residue sequence by alternative splicing increases the Ca2+ affinity, abolishes(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Our group has been involved in searching for different strategies to ameliorate hepatic cirrhosis. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of Pirfenidone in the reversion or prevention of cirrhosis experimentally induced in rats by chronic administration of CCl(4) and bile-duct ligation (BDL). METHODS Male cirrhotic Wistar rats (8(More)
This paper presents a research on arithmetic units targeted to implement model predictive control (MPC) in a custom embedded processor. A novel hardware implementation of cotransformation for the calculation of addition and subtraction in the Logarithmic Number System (LNS) is proposed. This architecture provides a small ROM-less adder/subtracter, with(More)
Synaptotagmin 1, a Ca2+ sensor for fast synaptic vesicle exocytosis, contains two C2 domains that form Ca2+-dependent complexes with phospholipids. To examine the functional importance of Ca2+ binding to the C2A domain of synaptotagmin 1, we studied two C2A domain mutations, D232N and D238N, using recombinant proteins and knock-in mice. Both mutations(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS An extrahepatic human neutrophil collagenase complementary DNA (matrix metalloprotease-8) cloned in an adenovirus vector was used as a therapeutic agent in cirrhosis. METHODS A high titer of clinical-grade AdMMP8 was obtained. RESULTS HeLa cells transduced with AdMMP8 expressed recombinant matrix metalloprotease-8 messenger RNA and(More)
This paper introduces the Interval Logarithmic Number System (ILNS), in which the Logarithmic Number System (LNS) is used as the underlying number system for interval arithmetic. The basic operations in ILNS are introduced and an efficient method for performing ILNS addition and subtraction is presented. The paper compares ILNS to Interval Floating Point(More)
The atrophy of skeletal muscles in patients with Krabbe disease is a major debilitating manifestation that worsens their quality of life and limits the clinical efficacy of current therapies. The pathogenic mechanism triggering muscle wasting is unknown. This study examined structural, functional, and metabolic changes conducive to muscle degeneration in(More)
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