Jesus G Boticario

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In this paper, we present samap, whose goal is to build a software tool to help different people visit different cities. This tool integrates modules that dynamically capture user models, determine lists of activities that can provide more utility to a user given the past experience of the system with similar users, and generates plans that can be executed(More)
Collaborative learning environments are mainly based on constructivist instructional design theories where students construct their own knowledge by interacting with their environment. The so-called virtual communities constitute and approach that facilitates the constructivist learning within these environments. In this context, the learning process(More)
Recently, educational institutions largely adopted open source elearning platforms. Several studies and comparisons between those platforms were conducted. However, these analyses were more focused into purely technical issues (standards support, development platform used, scalability, etc.) than into functional issues. It was noted that most of the(More)
ADAPTAPlan project provides dynamic assistance for reducing authors’ effort in developing instructional design tasks using user modelling, planning and machine learning techniques and making a pervasive use of educational specifications and standards. In this paper we describe how these specifications are linked to support the dynamic modelling during the(More)
This paper analyzes how recommender systems can be applied to current e-learning systems to guide learners in personalized inclusive e-learning scenarios. Recommendations can be used to overcome current limitations of learning management systems in providing personalization and accessibility features. Recommenders can take advantage of standards-based(More)
är ett exempel p̊a en kovariansmatris. Falskt. (b) Value-At-Risk är ett exempel p̊a ett koherent riskm̊att. Falskt. (c) Ett koherent riskm̊att, ρ(X), uppfyller olikheten ρ((X + Y )/2) ≤ (ρ(X) + ρ(Y ))/2. Sant. (d) Om ett värdepapper har negativt beta i CAPM modellen s̊a har det lägre förväntad avkastning än det risk-fria pappret. Sant. (e) Högt bel̊anade(More)
Recommendations for technology enhanced learning scenarios have differences from those in other domains as recommendations in e-learning should be guided by educational objectives, and not only by the users’ preferences. Most efforts so far have focused mainly on researching algorithms that retrieve relevant learning materials to the learner, but other kind(More)
Modeling user behavior (user modeling) via data mining faces a critical unresolved issue: how to build a collaboration model based on frequent analysis of students in order to ascertain whether collaboration has taken place. Numerous human-based and knowledge-based solutions to this problem have been proposed, but they are time-consuming or(More)