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We consider dynamic discrete choice models with heterogeneity in both the levels parameter and the state dependence parameter. We …rst analyse the purchase of full fat milk using a long consumer panel (T > 100) on many households. The large T nature of the panel allows us to consistently estimate the parameters of each household separately. This analysis(More)
In this study, several modifications were introduced to a recently proposed human ventricular action potential (AP) model so as to render it suitable for the study of ventricular arrhythmias. These modifications were driven by new sets of experimental data available from the literature and the analysis of several well-established cellular arrhythmic risk(More)
In this paper we analyze the contraceptive behavior of married couples in Spain. Our main goal is to investigate whether the main features of the data can be rationalized in a dynamic stochastic optimization framework. Based on Hotz and Miller’s (1993) study of similar U.S. data we propose a simple life-cycle model of sterilization and contraceptive choice(More)
We report a case of actinomycosis with uncommon localizations that was due to Actinomyces meyeri. Although penicillin is the standard treatment for this condition, our patient was treated successfully with imipenem. Actinomyces organisms are important constituents of the normal flora of mucous membranes and are considered opportunistic pathogens; these(More)
I formulate and study a model of undirected dyadic link formation which allows for assortative matching on observed agent characteristics (homophily) as well as unrestricted agent level heterogeneity in link surplus (degree heterogeneity). Similar to fixed effects panel data analyses, the joint distribution of observed and unobserved agent-level(More)
In this paper I consider a model for the heterogeneity and dynamics of the conditional mean and the conditional variance of individual wages. In particular, I propose a dynamic panel data model with linear individual effects in the mean and multiplicative individual effects in the conditional ARCH type variance function. I posit a distribution for earning(More)
This paper studies housing tenure and labour mobility using individual data from the ECHP for five European countries. First, the effect of housing tenure on the unemployed workers’ labour mobility is studied using a discrete unemployment duration model with two alternative exits to employment, depending on whether they are associated with a residential(More)
Evaluating a bilingual education program in Spain: the impact beyond foreign language learning* We evaluate a program that introduced bilingual education in English and Spanish in primary education in some public schools of the Madrid region in 2004. Under this program students not only study English as a foreign language but also some subjects (at least(More)
Over the last several years highly accurate methods of sex selection before conception have been developed. Given that strong preferences for sex variety in o¤spring have been documented for the U.S., we move beyond bioethical and moral considerations and ask what the demographic consequences of sex-selection technology could be. Lacking variation across(More)