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We consider dynamic discrete choice models with heterogeneity in both the levels parameter and the state dependence parameter. We …rst analyse the purchase of full fat milk using a long consumer panel (T > 100) on many households. The large T nature of the panel allows us to consistently estimate the parameters of each household separately. This analysis(More)
Most econometric schemes to allow for heterogeneity in micro behaviour have two drawbacks: they do not …t the data and they rule out interesting economic models. In this paper we present an estimator for the time homogeneous …rst order Markov (HFOM) model that allows for maximal heterogeneity. That is, the modelling of the heterogeneity does For comments(More)
I formulate and study a model of undirected dyadic link formation which allows for assor-tative matching on observed agent characteristics (homophily) as well as unrestricted agent level heterogeneity in link surplus (degree heterogeneity). Similar to fixed effects panel data analyses, the joint distribution of observed and unobserved agent-level(More)
A mathematical model of the AP involves the sum of different transmembrane ionic currents and the balance of intracellular ionic concentrations. To each ionic current corresponds an equation involving several effects. There are a number of model parameters that must be identified using specific experimental protocols in which the effects are considered as(More)
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