Jesus Carretero

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Simulation techniques have become a powerful tool for deciding the best starting conditions on pay-as-you-go scenarios. This is the case of public cloud infrastructures, where a given number and type of virtual machines (in short VMs) are instantiated during a specified time, being this reflected in the final budget. With this in mind, this paper introduces(More)
The ever-increasing data needs of scientific and engineering applications require novel approaches to managing and exploring huge amounts of information in order to advance scientific discovery. In order to achieve this goal, one of the main priorities of the international scientific community is addressing the challenges of performing scientific computing(More)
This special issue of the cluster computing journal will feature articles that discuss tools and applications for cloud computing. Specifically, it aims at delivering the state-of-the-art research on current cloud computing tools topics, and at promoting the cloud applications discipline by bringing to the attention of the community novel problems that must(More)
—Performance is an open issue in data intensive applications. Finding the best implementation and influential performance factors of hardware and software platforms for the data intensive applications requires trial and error. However, it is very difficult and costly to perform these trials in a real large-scale environment. In this paper we use a generic(More)
With the development of parallel computing, distributed computing, grid computing, and cloud computing, new computing models and paradigms related to parallel and distributed systems and their applications to various research fields have appeared. It will also be important to mix interdisciplinary fields of knowledge to build more complex, flexible, and(More)