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In distributed systems, communication is a major concern due to issues such as its vulnerability or efficiency. In this paper, we are interested in estimating sparse inverse covariance matrices when samples are distributed into different machines. We address communication efficiency by proposing a method where, in a single round of communication, each(More)
A new, simple and accurate micellar electrokinetic chromatography (MEKC) method is established for quantification of hydrocortisone, polymyxin B and Zn-bacitracin in local pharmaceutical preparations. The separation was carried out at 25 degrees C and 25 kV, using a 15 mmol L(-1) phosphate-15 mmol L(-1) borate buffer (pH 8.2), 60 mmol L(-1) sodium(More)
A method of analysis of passive microwave circuits based on the segmentation concept is introduced. Complex three-dimensional (3-D) structures are divided into regions delimited by arbitrarily shaped waveguide ports, in which a modal expansion of the field is made. Waveguides can also be filled with inhomogeneous and/or anisotropic media. The regions are(More)
There has been disagreement concerning the nature of sexual polymorphisms in Narcissus, a genus of insect-pollinated geophytes native to the Mediterranean. The existence of trimorphic heterostyly in the genus has recently been confirmed, but the occurrence of distyly remains enigmatic. All sexually dimorphic species previously investigated possess two(More)
A fully computer-controlled manifold is described which enables the automatic dilution and measurement of solutions which are too concentrated to be measured by direct aspiration in FAAS. The sample solution is propelled by a peristaltic pump equipped with two pump tubes of different diameters, the difference between the nebulizer uptake rate and the flow(More)
Effects of nitrogen enrichment, plant litter removal and cutting on a species-rich Mediterranean calcareous grassland. Plant Biosystems 143:443-455. Bonet, A. 2004. Secondary succession of semi-arid Mediterranean old-fields in southeastern Spain: insights for conservation and restoration of degraded lands. Butterfly ecology and conservation of a site in the(More)
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