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The intranasal drug delivery route provides exciting expectations regarding the application of engineered nanomaterials as nano-medicines or drug-delivery vectors into the brain. Among nanomaterials, multiwalled CNTs (MWCNTs) are some of the best candidates for brain cancer therapy since they are well known to go across cellular barriers and display an(More)
Concept Learning is a Machine Learning technique in which the learning process is driven by providing positive and negative examples to the learner. From those examples, the learner builds a hypothesis (concept) that describes the positive examples and excludes the negative examples. Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) systems have successfully been used as(More)
Segmentation through seeded region growing is widely used because it is fast, robust and free of tuning parameters. However, the seeded region growing algorithm requires an automatic seed generator, and has problems to label unconnected pixels (unconnected pixel problem). This paper introduces a new automatic seeded region growing algorithm called ASRG-IB1(More)
OBJECTIVE Acute leukemia is a malignant disease that affects a large proportion of the world population. Different types and subtypes of acute leukemia require different treatments. In order to assign the correct treatment, a physician must identify the leukemia type or subtype. Advanced and precise methods are available for identifying leukemia types, but(More)
Morphological identification of acute leukemia is a powerful tool used by hematologists to determine the family of such a disease. In some cases, experienced physicians are even able to determine the leukemia subtype of the sample. However, the identification process may have error rates up to 40% (when classifying acute leukemia subtypes) depending on the(More)
OBJECTIVE The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is one of the fastest evolving organisms in the planet. Its remarkable variation capability makes HIV able to escape from multiple evolutionary forces naturally or artificially acting on it, through the development and selection of adaptive mutations. Although most drug resistance mutations have been well(More)
The ARVmobile v1.0 is a multiplatform mobile personal health monitor (PHM) application for ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) monitoring that has the potential to aid in the acquisition and analysis of detailed profile of ABP and heart rate (HR), improve the early detection and intervention of hypertension, and detect potential abnormal BP and HR levels for(More)