Jesudason Jayakar

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BACKGROUND Studies on standardized mortality rates of schizophrenic patients might help to increase the life span of these patients. Such data from developing countries including India are lacking. Investigations that provide clues regarding the quality of their family lives could also be beneficial. AIM Besides mortality and causes of death, this study(More)
Sixty patients who reported to a Deaddiction Centre were investigated with regard to their psychodemographic profile. 53.3% of them turned out to be exclusively alcohol abusers, 35% were abusers of alcohol concurrently with other substances and 11.7% were abusers of exclusively drugs. Those who consumed alcohol alone, commenced their intake at a mean age of(More)
OBJECTIVE Although the evidences for the phenomenon of "anticipation" and parental "imprinting" have been shown in schizophrenia, they are inconclusive. The purpose of this study was to test these hypotheses by examining three successive generations. METHOD 58 schizophrenic patients who had their maternal or paternal parent or grandparent, or both,(More)
SUMMARY Dermatoglyphic traits which are reported to be largely determined by genes could be considered as phenotypic characterestics and if the same are expressed through generations in schizophrenic families it can be speculated to serve as genetic markers for schizophrenia. Another factor that might be influenced by genes is the age of onset of the(More)
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