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On Intersectionality: A Review Essay
Nearly thirty years ago, Kimberl e Crenshaw published the theory of “intersectionality,” in which she argued that racism and sexism collide to make black women’s marginalization distinct from thatExpand
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Black Women’s Satire as (Black) Postmodern Performance
Black American women have taken up satirical humor imbued with postmodern aesthetics that privilege emotion and experience in order to critique particular incidents of racism, sexism, and the lack ofExpand
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Firespitters: Performance, Power, and Payoff in African American Women's Humor, 1968-Present
Author(s): Finley, Jessyka Nicole | Advisor(s): Taylor, Ula Y | Abstract: This study considers the social, cultural, and political production of black women's humor, making the case that humorExpand
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The Political Force of the Comedic
Political comedy, whether it is in the form of an entertainment news show, meme, cartoon or even when a comedian uses their set to focus on a political issue has become ubiquitous in the past 20Expand