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Nonreciprocal plasmonics enables giant enhancement of thin-film Faraday rotation.
Light propagation is usually reciprocal. However, a static magnetic field along the propagation direction can break the time-reversal symmetry in the presence of magneto-optical materials. TheExpand
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Tunable and switchable polarization rotation with non-reciprocal plasmonic thin films at designated wavelengths
A tunable and switchable ultrathin-film optical rotator with a variable working wavelength is experimentally realized by a team in Germany. Scientists at the University of Stuttgart and the MaxExpand
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Metamaterial polarizers by electric-field-coupled resonators
The idea of transmission polarizers realized by anisotropic metamaterials is demonstrated by experiments. One of the polarizers converts linear-polarized waves to circular-polarized waves, while theExpand
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Design of arbitrarily shaped concentrators based on conformally optical transformation of nonuniform rational B-spline surfaces
We study the design of arbitrarily shaped electromagnetic (EM) concentrators and their potential applications. To obtain closed-form formulas of EM parameters for an arbitrarily shaped concentrator,Expand
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Arbitrarily elliptical–cylindrical invisible cloaking
Based on the idea of coordinate transformation (Pendry, Schurig and Smith 2006 Science 312 1780), arbitrarily elliptical–cylindrical cloaks are proposed and designed. The elliptical cloak, which isExpand
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Analytical design of conformally invisible cloaks for arbitrarily shaped objects.
To design conformally invisible cloaks for arbitrarily shaped objects, we use the nonuniform rational B -spline (NURBS) to represent the geometrical modeling of the arbitrary object. Based on theExpand
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Broadband gradient index microwave quasi-optical elements based on non-resonant metamaterials.
Utilizing non-resonant metamaterial elements, we demonstrate that complex gradient index optics can be constructed exhibiting low material losses and large frequency bandwidth. Although the range ofExpand
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Waveguide-Plasmon Polaritons Enhance Transverse Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect
Properties of light propagating in some materials can be influenced by a static magnetic field. Such magneto-optical effects are useful, but their strength is limited traditionally by the materialsExpand
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Controlling electromagnetic waves using tunable gradient dielectric metamaterial lens
We propose a metamaterial particle which is composed of a dielectric block with a thin metallic rod screwed inside. By adjusting the height of rod inside the dielectric block, we can control theExpand
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Advanced parameter retrievals for metamaterial slabs using an inhomogeneous model
The S-parameter retrieval has proved to be an efficient approach to obtain electromagnetic parameters of metamaterials from reflection and transmission coefficients, where a slab of metamaterial withExpand
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