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Human behavior has rapidly evolved from fire-promoting to aggressively attempting to minimize its magnitude and variability. This global shift in human behavior has contributed to the adoption of strict policies that govern the purposeful and planned use of fire in ecosystem science and management. However, it remains unclear the extent to which modern-day(More)
With extraordinary resolution and accuracy, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)-derived digital elevation models (DEMs) have been increasingly used for watershed analyses and modeling by hydrologists, planners and engineers. Such high-accuracy DEMs have demonstrated their effectiveness in delineating watershed and drainage patterns at fine scales in(More)
PURPOSE To describe and assess feasibility of a novel MR-to-Linac isocenter calibration tool for magnetic resonance guided radiotherapy (MRgRT™). METHODS The MRgRT system co-developed by IMRIS and Varian employs a movable MR system, which travels into a Linac vault. To support MR-based couch corrections based on MR-to-MR registration, we developed a(More)
PURPOSE An MR-guided RT system, including a 6X TrueBeam Varian linac and a 1.5T IMRIS MRI scanner-on-rails, is under installation at our institution. Numerical simulations and experiments were performed to quantify and test the magnetic field mutual decoupling between the MR and linac/couch ensemble. METHODS Linear programming and finite element methods(More)
PURPOSE An integrated system for online MRIgRT comprising an MR scanner-on-rails proximal to a Varian TrueBeam linac is currently under installation at our institution. This study presents the development of a procedure to commission this platform along with the synthesis, testing, and validation of several unique tools/methods central to this challenging(More)
PURPOSE To demonstrate the feasibility of a novel radiotherapy-compatible cableless radiofrequency (RF) coil for an MR-guided radiation therapy(MRgRT™) system that employs a movable MRI system. This coil technology will expedite clinical workflow by eliminating need for coil connections and cables, allowing RF coils to remain in place for treatment. (More)
PURPOSE To develop the operational workflow and safety systems of a magnetic resonance-guided radiotherapy system (MRgRT™), which comprises an MR scanner on rails that travels between a linac vault, MR simulation room and brachytherapy suite. METHODS To develop a safe and streamlined clinical workflow, we conducted a comprehensive process review based on(More)
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