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An experiment investigated whether exposure to orthography facilitates oral vocabulary learning. A total of 58 typically developing children aged 8-9 years were taught 12 nonwords. Children were trained to associate novel phonological forms with pictures of novel objects. Pictures were used as referents to represent novel word meanings. For half of the(More)
As noted by Satz, the prevalence of lateralized language in the general population is underestimated substantially by the proportion of people who show the typical asymmetry on a laterality task. In a series of two dichotic listening experiments with a total of 171 right-handers and 170 left-handers, we tested the hypothesis that increased reliability of(More)
To date, only one study has investigated educational attainment in poor (reading) comprehenders, providing evidence of poor performance on national UK school tests at age 11 years relative to peers (Cain and Oakhill, 2006). In the present study, we adopted a longitudinal approach, tracking attainment on such tests from 11 years to the end of compulsory(More)
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