Jessie Qi Zhou

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Recent reviews of global strategy research have documented a number of top contributors based on the number of their publications. However, no citation analysis has been conducted to ascertain the impact and influence of this research. In response, we have conducted the first ever citation analysis of 393 global strategy articles in nine leading journals(More)
We have utilized various valving scheme to leverage purely rotation-regulated flow control to enable comprehensive cell-based bioassays (CBBs) on centrifuge-based lab-on-a-disc (LOAD). A LOAD has been developed to examine allergic degranulation from live basophils for allergens screening for the first time, which can also be adjusted to suit a wide range of(More)
Animal motility varies with genotype, disease, aging, and environmental conditions. In many studies, it is desirable to carry out high throughput motility-based sorting to isolate rare animals for, among other things, forward genetic screens to identify genetic pathways that regulate phenotypes of interest. Many commonly used screening processes are(More)
How do firms make strategic choices in response to institutional transitions? The literature suggests that with more market-oriented institutional transitions, firms may move from relational exchanges to arm’s-length transactions. However, it remains unclear under what circumstances such strategic transitions would occur. We develop a model to predict that(More)
In this massive technological atmosphere the number of information generated is increasing at an awfully high rate. Distributed storage system will be used for storing this immense quantity of information. Massive information will be handled by victimization hadoop and map reduces. The multiple node clusters will discover victimization the hadoop framework.(More)
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