Jessie Jing Xia Lin

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AIM This study compared the quality of life and functioning of 285 first-episode psychosis Chinese patients with different antipsychotic medications in Hong Kong. METHOD Under the Jockey Club Early Psychosis project, a total of 285 patients were recruited from all inpatient and outpatient psychiatric units in Hong Kong between 2009 and 2011. In addition(More)
Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are shed from cancerous tumors, enter the circulatory system, and migrate to distant organs to form metastases that ultimately lead to the death of most patients with cancer. Identification and characterization of CTCs provides a means to study, monitor, and potentially interfere with the metastatic process. Isolation of CTCs(More)
Hong Kong is among the first few cities in Asia to have implemented early intervention for psychosis in 2001. Substantial changes in psychosis service have since taken place. We reviewed available outcome data in Hong Kong, with reference to the philosophy of early intervention in psychosis, discussing experience and lessons learned from the implementation(More)
There has been increasing interest in studying the impact of physical activity on the psychological and physical well-being and functioning in patients with first-episode psychosis. The exploration of factors which contribute to physical activity in psychosis may open up opportunities for improvement of functional outcome. The purpose of this study was to(More)
BACKGROUND Depressive and anxiety symptoms are common in people suffering from early psychosis. Growing evidence shows that mindfulness-based intervention is an effective option in handling depression and anxiety disorders. Current article aims to provide documentation on the development and pilot study, before a RCT of larger scale, evaluating the(More)
AIM With the movement of early detection and intervention for people at risk for psychosis, there is a growing need for a uniform terminology to describe the condition. A diagnostic label that can adapt into local culture and value may have positive effect in minimizing stigma. This study explored the preference of Chinese label for people at risk of(More)
The year 2011 marked the 10-year milestone of early intervention for psychosis in Hong Kong. Since 2001, the landscape of early psychosis services has changed markedly in Hong Kong. Substantial progress has been made in the areas of early intervention service implementation, knowledge generation, and public awareness promotion. Favourable outcomes(More)
AIM This study examined the incidence of hospitalization and its associated factors in patients with first-episode psychosis in Hong Kong. METHOD From 2009 to 2011, 360 patients were recruited consecutively as part of a controlled study of an early psychosis intervention service (the Jockey Club Early Psychosis project) in Hong Kong. Demographic and(More)
This case series provides an account of 10 patients with prodromal psychosis in Hong Kong over the course of 12 months between 2012 and 2014. Patterns of symptoms and functioning levels were noted each month and overall presentation was classified into 4 categories. Four patients' conditions were classified as fluctuating, 3 patients as improved, 2 patients(More)
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