Jessie J Guidry

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The role of receptor binding in the toxicity, immunogenicity, and adjuvanticity of the heat-labile enterotoxin of Escherichia coli (LT) was examined by comparing native LT and LT(G33D), a B-subunit receptor binding mutant, with respect to the ability to bind to galactose and to GM1, toxicity on mouse Y-1 adrenal tumor cells, the ability to stimulate(More)
ROCKII kinase activity is known to be regulated by Rho GTPase binding; however, the context-specific regulation of ROCKII is not clearly understood. We pursued the C-terminal PH domain as a candidate domain for regulating ROCKII function. A proteomics-based screen identified potential ROCKII signaling partners, a large number of which were associated with(More)
The human α2C-adrenergic receptor (α2C-AR) is localized intracellularly at physiologic temperature. Decreasing the environmental temperature strongly stimulates the receptor transport to the cell surface. In contrast, rat and mouse α2C-AR plasma membrane levels are less sensitive to decrease in temperature, whereas the opossum α2C-AR cell surface levels are(More)
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