Jessie F Fecteau

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High mobility group box protein 1 (HMGB1) acts as an endogenous danger molecule that is released from necrotic cells and activated macrophages. We have previously shown that peptide Hp91, whose sequence corresponds to an area within the B-Box domain of HMGB1, activates dendritic cells (DCs) and acts as an adjuvant in vivo. Here we investigated the(More)
À / À embryos (Supplementary Figure 2g). Flow cytomery analysis on fetal liver cells revealed that overall fetal hematopoiesis in Pten À / À mice was normal, except a skewed lymphoid/myeloid development at the progenitor level. There was no reduction in the hematopoietic stem cell-enriched lin À sca-1 þ c-kit þ population. However, there was an increased(More)
Manageable toxicities and observed activity of elacytarabine CIV in the dose range 875-2000 mg/m 2 per day may allow more flexible administration and dosing than for ara-C. AUC values for both substances and the increased initial half-life of ara-C after elacytarabine administration (2.0 h versus 0.1-0.2 h), 12 indicate that treatment with elacytarabine(More)
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