Jessie B. Kennedy

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Model-based user interface development environments show promise for improving the productivity of user interface developers, and possibly for improving the quality of developed interfaces. However, model-based techniques have rarely been applied to the important area of database interfaces. This lack of experience with data intensive systems may have led(More)
Received: 22 December 2008 Revised: 3 July 2009 Accepted: 23 July 2009 Abstract This article summarises the current state of research into multiple tree visualisations. It discusses the spectrum of current representation techniques used on single trees, pairs of trees and finally multiple trees, in order to identify which representations are best suited to(More)
Model-based user interface development environments aim to provide designers with a more systematic approach to user interface development using a particular design method. This method is realised through tools which support the construction and linkage of the supported models. This paper presents the tools which support the construction of the Teallach(More)
The visualisation of hierarchical information sets has been a staple of Information Visualisation since the field came into being in the early 1990’s. However, at present, support for visualising the correlations between multiple, overlapping sets of hierarchical information has been lacking. This is despite the realisation that for certain tasks this(More)
This paper describes a runtime user-interface development environment (UIDE) for the novel capability of interactively using and specifying user-interfaces to object-oriented databases (IDSs). A framework provides the foundation for IDSs constructed. This concerns interpreting an IDS, specified in a conceptual objectoriented data language, using a(More)
The paper documents a series of data integration workshops held in 2006 at the UK National e-Science Centre, summarizing a range of the problem/solution scenarios in multi-site and multi-scale data integration with six HealthGrid projects using schizophrenia as a domain-specific test case. It outlines emerging strategies, recommendations and objectives for(More)