Jessica Ziegler

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Quinones function as electron transport cofactors in photosynthesis and cellular respiration. The versatility and functional diversity of quinones is primarily due to the diverse midpoint potentials that are tuned by the substituent effects and interactions with surrounding amino acid residues in the binding site in the protein. In the present study, a(More)
Eine moraltheologische Stellungnahme zur extrakorporalen Zeugung schr~inkt die Problematik auf den Menschen ein. Deshalb sei der Vorschlag unterbreitet, nicht von extrakorporaler Befruchtung, Besamung oder Insemination wie bei Pflanzen und Tieren -, sondern von extrakorporaler Zeugung (EZ) zu sprechen. Bereits die sprachliche Pr~zisierung deutet an, dab(More)
After considering the relationship between ethical principles and their concretization in the decision of the conscience, the author names human dignity as a formal principle, and tutiorism as a material principle in the face of the beginning and end of human life. The debate which has flared up in the Federal Republic of Germany concerning abortion may be(More)
A new method for designing PID Controllers using Bode's ideal transfer function and constrained Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is proposed in this paper. Bode's ideal transfer function is introduced using fractional calculus and Carlsson's approximation is used for converting the transfer function from fractional to integer domain. The PID(More)
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