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A numerical model has been developed to simulate volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from " wet " coating materials. The model considers the VOC mass transfer process in the air and material-air interface, and diffusion in the material film and also in the substrate. Our numerical simulations confirmed that the emissions from " wet " materials applied(More)
The sorption of VOCs by different building materials can significantly affect VOC concentrations in indoor environments. In this paper, a new model has been developed for simulating VOC sorption and desorption rates of homogeneous building materials with constant diffusion coefficients and material-air partition coefficients. The model analytically solves(More)
PURPOSE Biliary cancer has a poor prognosis, and chemotherapy has had little impact. The objectives of this trial were to determine the response rate, time to disease progression, survival, and safety profile of the combination of gemcitabine and capecitabine (GemCap) in patients with advanced biliary cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Eligible patients had(More)
Arsenate and methylated arsenicals, such as dimethylarsinate (DMA) and monomethylarsonate (MMA), are being found with increasing frequency in natural water systems. The mobility and bioavailability of these arsenic species in the environment are strongly influenced by their interactions with mineral surface, especially iron and aluminum oxides. Goethite(More)
The loss of motor control severely impedes activities of daily life. Brain computer interfaces (BCIs) offer new possibilities to treat nervous system injuries, but conventional BCIs use signals from primary motor cortex, the same sites most likely damaged in a stroke causing paralysis. Recent studies found distinct cortical physiology associated with(More)
For the first time, new catalysts for olefin polymerization have been discovered through the application of fully integrated high-throughput primary and secondary screening techniques supported by rapid polymer characterization methods. Microscale 1-octene primary screening polymerization experiments combining arrays of ligands with reactive metal complexes(More)
This paper presents a numerical approach for simulating volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from dry materials. The approach has been used to examine the VOC emissions from two particleboards. The emission study for the particleboards shows that a fairly good agreement of VOC concentrations between the model prediction and experimental data can be(More)
Extreme Programming (XP) is a well known agile software development methodology which is ideal for projects featured as highly unpredictable in tasks with limited resources. The continuous discussion on the usage and importance of each XP practice lead us to explore what are the most important XP practices to be applied in certain projects. This study(More)
Replacement of one anion from goethite with another provides useful insight into the irreversible adsorption of the first added anion in a binary system. The objective of this study was to investigate the irreversible adsorption of dimethylarsinate (DMA), monomethylarsonate (MMA), arsenate, and phosphate onto goethite at pH 4 in phosphate and arsenic binary(More)
Having conducted a search for the λ∼1.3 cm (22 GHz) water vapor line towards galaxies with nuclear activity, large nuclear column densities or high infrared luminosities, we present H2O spectra for NGC 2273, UGC 5101, and NGC 3393 with isotropic luminosities of 7, 1500, and 400 L⊙. The H2O maser in UGC 5101 is by far the most luminous yet found in an(More)