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We discussed problems posed by the quantitative study of time inhomoge-neous Markov chains. The two main notions for our purpose are merging and stability. Merging (also called weak ergodicity) occurs when the chain asymptotically forget where it started. It is a loss of memory property. Stability relates to the question of whether or not, despite temporal(More)
Serologic tests play an important role in diagnosis of typhoid fever. In an effort to develop a more defined reagent for these tests, purified Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi (ST) O:1,9,12 polysaccharide was conjugated to human serum albumin (HSA), and the conjugate was purified chromatographically to yield a reagent with 2 moles ST O polysaccharide per(More)
Error control codes are widely used to increase the reliability of transmission of information over various forms of communications channels. Algebraic geometry (AG) codes were introduced by V. Goppa in the 1980's. The code-words in an AG code are obtained by evaluating functions at he points of an algebraic curve over a finite field; Goppa's construction(More)
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