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Electrode placement in electroconvulsive therapy affects both the efficacy and adverse cognitive effect profile of the treatment. For many years, 2 placements, bitemporal (also referred to as "bifrontotemporal" or simply "bilateral") and right unilateral, were the principal placements in widespread clinical use. More recently, bifrontal placement has joined(More)
This study seeks to assess the educational value of an international psychiatry elective using a cross section of psychiatric residents. In 2010, a 10-item semi-structured questionnaire was administered to Mount Sinai psychiatric residents who have participated in the Global Health Residency Track of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Authors reviewed the(More)
The Ecosystem Approach to environmental management, with its explicit acknowledgment of the environmental, social and economic elements within ecological systems, is becoming increasingly adopted by managers and policy makers. However, there are few specific prescriptions as to exactly how these different elements should be integrated, or examples where(More)
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