Jessica Wagoner

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A study of pregnancy outcome among wives of workers exposed to vinyl-chloride monomer (V.C.M.) indicated that, in comparison with controls, there was a significant excess fetal loss in the group whose husbands had a primary exposure to V.C.M., whereas no differences between the groups were observed before the husband's exposures. The difference in fetal(More)
This paper is intended to give the reader an overview of the epidemiology of asbestos-related diseases and is restricted to primarily occupational exposure studies. However, some mention of nonoccupational exposures are made because of their direct relationship to a worker or to a secondary occupational source. Over 100 epidemiological studies are reviewed,(More)
In 1974, vinyl chloride (VC) was first reported in the open scientific literature to induce angiosarcoma of the liver both in humans and in animals. Additional research has now demonstrated the carcinogenicity of VC to other organs and at lower concentrations. The target organs for VC now clearly include the liver, brain and the lung, and probably the(More)
The development of corticotropes and lactotropes was investigated in the golden Syrian hamster using an anti-porcine ACTH antiserum and a homologous anti-hamster PRL antiserum. Oval corticotropes were first visible in the ventral region of the pars distalis at 13 days of gestation. By the end of gestation, corticotropes were found throughout the pars(More)
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