Jessica W. K. Chiu

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This study examined a stress/coping model of adjustment in early caregiving. It was hypothesized that better adjustment would be related to higher social support and approach coping, and lower stress appraisals and avoidant coping. One hundred young carers aged 10-25 years completed questionnaires. Predictors included choice in caregiving, social support,(More)
Long range atmospheric and stream transport and oceanic currents drive the ecologic process of PCB deposition in the abiotic environment. In contrast short range transport via bioaccumulation-biomagnification up the food chain determines PCB congener profiles and concentrations and their adverse effects in biological organisms. Two research approaches to(More)
Few studies have considered the relationship between social capital and stigmatizing attitudes. The aim of this study is to assess the relationship between HIV stigmatizing attitudes and individual perceptions of social capital in South Africa. The study surveyed 619 community members to assess whether social capital predicted personal and attributed HIV(More)
Numerous studies have shown that office automation soflware popularly used are wordprocessing, spreadsheets and graphics. Intermittent execution of training has been found to be more effective, with more than four hours of training and practice required to eliminate performance variances. Expectancy and motivation for undertaking the training were important(More)
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