Jessica Van Parys

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Using data from the 1998-99 ECLS-K cohort, we show that the grades awarded by teachers are not aligned with test scores. Girls in every racial category outperform boys on reading tests, while boys score at least as well on math and science tests as girls. However, boys in all racial categories across all subject areas are not represented in grade(More)
The US public health insurance market is shifting toward reimbursement models that transfer risk away from the government and toward health insurers and healthcare providers. Instead of paying fee-for-service (FFS) to healthcare providers, Medicaid and Medicare now outsource healthcare delivery to managed care plans and the plans accept risk related to(More)
In 2006, the College Board substantively altered the format and content of its SAT Test. Parts of the existing verbal (SATV) and math (SATM) portions of the test were changed, and a new writing (SATW) section was added. No academic research exists on the extent to which the new SAT generally, and the SATW specifically, relates to student performance in(More)
This paper uses the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) Early Childhood Longitudinal Study–Kindergarten Cohort 1998-99 (ECLS-K) to examine how a range of educational achievement measures vary by gender, controlling for (other) individual, family, teacher and school characteristics. The paper identifies gender differences separately for white,(More)
The data of 312 patients with cerebral metastasis are analysed. The majority of the metastases arose in the male from a cancer of the lungs and in the female from cancer of the breast. In only 14 patients out of 269 did the combination of echo- and electro-encephalography gave totally negative results. In 153 patients the malignant primary tumour was not(More)
Expert performance is often evaluated assuming that good experts have good outcomes.We examine expertise in medicine and develop a model that allows for two dimensions of physician performance: decision making and procedural skill. Better procedural skill increases the use of intensive procedures for everyone, while better decision making results in a(More)
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