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Immediacy was examined in a 17-session case of brief therapy with a bright, articulate, inner-city, African American female client seeing an interpersonally oriented, White, male therapist. The main types of therapist immediacy were reinforcing the client for in-session behavior, inviting the client to collaborate, inquiring about client reactions to(More)
We provide a rationale for doing helping skills training with novice psychotherapists, present a basic framework for our ideas, outline the major components of training, and then talk about what comes after helping skills training. We provide hypotheses that can be tested to determine the effectiveness of helping skills training for novice psychotherapists(More)
Twelve trainees (3 men and 9 women) who had recently completed predoctoral internships at a university counseling center were interviewed about what they had learned from clients. Data were analyzed using a consensual qualitative research method. Participants reported learning things about doing therapy, themselves, client dynamics, human nature, the(More)
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