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Morphometry of brain structures based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data has become an important tool in neurobiology. Recent multicenter studies in neurodegenerative diseases raised the issue of the precision of volumetric measures, and their dependence on the scanner properties and imaging protocol. A large dataset consisting of 1073 MRI(More)
The amygdala appears necessary for enhanced long-term memory associated with emotionally arousing events. Recent brain imaging investigations support this view and indicate a sex-related hemispheric lateralization exists in the amygdala relationship to memory for emotional material. This study confirms and further explores this finding. Healthy men and(More)
CONCLUSIONS We conclude that: (1) among several cues examined, the monaural cue of direct-to-reverberant (D/R) ratio in the ipsilateral ear provides the most information about sound-source distance; (2) interaural level difference (ILD) provides less information about sound-source distance; and (3) a comprehensive theory of three-dimensional auditory(More)
Introduction The selection, definition and use of experimental variables is possibly the closest that a bench scientist comes to working with ontological concepts directly. When working with their own data, they understand the importance of standardizing their vocabulary, of defining exactly what they are measuring and how they measured it. Here, we(More)
The maximum per capita rate of population growth, r, is a central measure of population biology. However, researchers can only directly calculate r when adequate time series, life tables and similar datasets are available. We instead view r as an evolvable, synthetic life-history trait and use comparative phylogenetic approaches to predict r for poorly(More)
BACKGROUND National Health Service stop smoking services (NHS SSS) in the UK offer cost- effective smoking cessation services. Despite high abstinence rates after acute cessation treatment, the majority of clients have relapsed by one year. Several interventions have been identified, from trial data, as effective in preventing relapse to smoking. This study(More)
Pleistocene New Jersey shelf sedimentology is strongly influenced by glacially driven sea level changes. A combination of regressive shoreline processes, subaerial exposure, fluvial downcutting, and deposition and reworking during transgression has influenced the NJ shelf sediment composition. Sediment provenance and transport history may be determined on a(More)
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