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Over the last decade a number of countries and states have successfully established complete spatial data infrastructures (SDIs) incorporating core digital map bases such as the cadastre or land parcel layer, topography, hydrology, road networks and administrative boundaries. These have usually been based on the amalgamation of national or state mapping and(More)
Myelinated axons have a distinct protein architecture essential for action potential propagation, neuronal communication, and maintaining cognitive function. Damage to myelinated axons, associated with cerebral hypoperfusion, contributes to age-related cognitive decline. We sought to determine early alterations in the protein architecture of myelinated(More)
INTRODUCTION Parkinson's disease arises from a combination of environmental and genetic risk factors. At present neither the curative nor preventative therapies are available; hence, there is an urgent need to develop reliable animal models to facilitate their development. Water soluble nanomiceller formulation of CoQ10 (Ubisol-Q10) has shown(More)
Formation of cirrus clouds depends on the availability of ice nuclei to begin condensation of atmospheric water vapor. Although it is known that only a small fraction of atmospheric aerosols are efficient ice nuclei, the critical ingredients that make those aerosols so effective have not been established. We have determined in situ the composition of the(More)
The integrity of the white matter is critical in regulating efficient neuronal communication and maintaining cognitive function. Damage to brain white matter putatively contributes to age-related cognitive decline. There is a growing interest in animal models from which the mechanistic basis of white matter pathology in aging can be elucidated but to date(More)
Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) have been identified as a mechanism through which complete and consistent spatial data sets can be accessed and retrieved. Whilst SDIs have been developing, wireless communication technologies have been undergoing a rapid evolution. The convergence of wireless communications, positioning technology and SDIs are providing(More)
The observed presence of water vapor convectively injected deep into the stratosphere over the United States can fundamentally change the catalytic chlorine/bromine free-radical chemistry of the lower stratosphere by shifting total available inorganic chlorine into the catalytically active free-radical form, ClO. This chemical shift markedly affects total(More)