Jessica Skinner

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OBJECTIVE This study investigates the life and health goals of older adults with diabetes, and explores the factors that influence their diabetes self-management. METHODS Qualitative in-depth interviews were conducted with 24 older adults with diabetes and other morbid conditions and/or their caregivers, when appropriate. RESULTS Participants' provided(More)
AIMS To assess whether case management of frequent attenders to the emergency department (ED) reduces subsequent attendances made by these patients. METHODS Patients who attended the ED 10 times or more over a 6-month period were identified. Their cases were assessed and care plans put in place, if appropriate. Patient attendances over the subsequent 6(More)
The acreage planted in corn and soybean crops is vast, and these crops contribute substantially to the world economy. The agricultural practices employed for farming these crops have major effects on ecosystem health at a worldwide scale. The microbial communities living in agricultural soils significantly contribute to nutrient uptake and cycling and can(More)
AIMS To describe the demographics of patients from care homes who attend the emergency department (ED) and to estimate whether appropriate alternative care pathways could have been delivered to this patient group. METHODS A prospective descriptive study that gathered data on consecutive patients who presented to the ED of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh(More)
Introduction International migration is a powerful symbol of global inequality, whether in terms of wages, labour market opportunities, or lifestyles. Millions of workers and their families move each year across borders and across continents, seeking to reduce what they see as the gap between their own position and that of people in other, wealthier,(More)
The authors assess demographic projections made over the last 20 years for Australia. "This paper first considers the role of accuracy amongst other objectives of projection activity. Accepting accuracy as a legitimate goal, we then assess the performance of 48 sets of population projections and forecasts for states and territories of Australia prepared(More)
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