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African Americans respond to stigmatization: the meanings and salience of confronting, deflecting conflict, educating the ignorant and ‘managing the self’
Abstract Drawing on interviews with 150 randomly sampled African Americans, we analyse how members of a stigmatized group understand their experience of stigmatization and assess appropriateExpand
Getting Respect
Getting Respect is a sociological tour de force that takes readers on a journey to three different continents to unpack the complexities of “ethnoracial exclusion,” described as stigmatization andExpand
Responses to Discrimination and Social Resilience Under Neoliberalism
Members of stigmatized groups often live with the expectation that they will be overscrutinized, overlooked, underappreciated, misunderstood, and disrespected in the course of their daily lives. HowExpand
Getting Respect: Responding to Stigma and Discrimination in the United States, Brazil, and Israel
Colloquially, getting respect is often seen as a two-way street; essentially, if you want respect, you have to offer it. But ‘respect’ is built off of sticky and hard to capture concepts, such asExpand
Accounting for Differences
Stop ‘blaming the man’: perceptions of inequality and opportunities for success in the Obama era among middle-class African Americans
Abstract This paper builds upon work that has shown that African Americans exhibit a dual consciousness when explaining persistent inequality. We draw upon 45 in-depth interviews with middle-classExpand